Oranges placemats

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Oranges placemat.jpg

Oranges placemats

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This colourful placemat design is based on original oil pastel drawings. Recommended by the Independent, who chose it as one of their top 10 placemats!

**Please note that there is only one pair of standard placemats in stock.

Coasters are also available in this design.

An ideal gift, whether for a housewarming, a wedding, a birthday or Christmas.

made from:

The standard placemats have cork bases and laminated tops. They will not withstand the heat of a pan taken straight from the hob or oven.

The large placemats have cork bases and melamine tops. They are heat resistant up to 140°C.

The placemats can be wiped clean but please do not immerse them in water or put them in the dishwasher!


Standard: 24cm x 19cm (£9 each). 

Large: 29.2cm x 21.6cm (£10 each)

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